Happy Hour
Happy Hour, digital, 60 x 80 ins
mid-mod #19
mid-mod #19, digital, 80 x 80 ins
Martini Mandala
Martini Mandala, digital, 80 x 80 ins
Happy Hour #2
Happy Hour #2, digital, 70 x 70 ins
Cocktail Pattern
Cocktail Pattern, digital, 98 x 106 ins
Teal Ombre Trippy Cat Mandala
Teal Ombre Trippy Cat Mandala, digital, 40 x 40 ins
Teal Ombre mid-mod Cats
Teal Ombre mid-mod Cats, digital, 40 x 70 ins
mid-mod Trippy Cats Mandala
mid-mod Trippy Cats Mandala, digital, 40 x 40 ins
mid-mod Cats
mid-mod Cats, digital, 40 x 65 ins
Meow, digital, 53 x 67 ins
mid-mod #20
mid-mod #20, digital, 130 x 150 ins
Abstract 131
Abstract 131, acrylic on canvas, 23.5 x 35.5 x .5 in

Melanie Graham, U.S. and Ireland, American Artist

I'm a life long art lover. I got really creative about 12 years ago when I figured out a fluid art style that had been dancing around my head for years. I've since dabbled with oils, ink and charcoal and now mainly work in watercolors. I'm currently recovering from bone cancer and making art definitely helps me feel happy and more like my old self again. I'm into splashy abstracts, abstract landscapes and most recently all things mid-century modern. I've also begun to get into digital art for the first time and am loving it. It is the perfect outlet for my quirky combination of creativity and obsessive perfectionism!

digital, abstract, mid-century modern, pattern, mandala