Rae Perry American artist, USA and Dublin

Lotus Eater III
Lotus Eater III, oil on panel, 50 x 70 cms
Lotus Eater II
Lotus Eater II, oil on panel, 50 x 70 cms
Abstraction, Oil on Panel, 30 x 40 ins
Saudade, Oil on Panel, 30 x 40 ins
Lotus Eater IV
Lotus Eater IV, Oil on Panel, 35 x 25 ins
Lotus Eater I
Lotus Eater I, Oil on Panel, 50 x 60 ins
Evanescent, Oil on linen canvas, 25 x 35 cm
Borne Back
Borne Back, Oil on linen canvas, 50 x 70 cm
Plums, Oil on linen canvas, 12 x 30 cm
Memento Mori
Memento Mori, Oil on Canvas, 36 x 40 ins
Fruit Bowl
Fruit Bowl, Oil on Panel, 25 x 20 ins
Plums, Oil on Panel, 25 x 20 ins

American artist Rae Perry, USA and Dublin

American artist originally from Dallas Texas, I now live and work in Dublin. I spent two years in Florence, Italy where I completed the drawing program at the Angel Academy of Art.

I am mainly self-taught when it comes to painting, and I primarily focus on still-life subject matter. I eventually plan to incorporate the human figure in my paintings. My influences range from the classic illustrators, to the pre-ralphelites and the great 19th century artists ( Mucha, Waterhouse, Whistler, N.C.Wyeth and Chardin).

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