Raymund Walsh Irish artist, Kildare and Sligo

Clontarf Castle,Dublin
Clontarf Castle,Dublin, Pen and Watercolour, 42 X 28 cms
The Octagon,Westport
The Octagon,Westport, Pen and Watercolour, 35 X 25 cms
Austies,Rosses Point
Austies,Rosses Point, Pen and Watercolour, 33 X 24 cms
Palazzo del Podesta,Bergamo
Palazzo del Podesta,Bergamo, Pen and Watercolour, 31 X 24 cms
Slish Wood,Sligo
Slish Wood,Sligo, Watercolour, 25 X 35 cms
Slish Wood,Lough Gill,Sligo
Slish Wood,Lough Gill,Sligo, Watercolour, 25 X 35 cms
Amsterdam Scene
Amsterdam Scene, Pen and Watercolour, 23 X 31 cms
La Giralda,Sevilla
La Giralda,Sevilla, Pen and Watercolour, 21 X 32 cms
National Botanic Gardens,Dublin
National Botanic Gardens,Dublin, Pen and Watercolour, 33 X 25 cms
Laura's Bar,Carney,Co.Sligo
Laura's Bar,Carney,Co.Sligo, Pen and Watercolour, 33 X 24 cms
Daly's Pharmacy,Naas
Daly's Pharmacy,Naas, Pen and Watercolour, 35 X 25 cms
Bar Las Teresas,Sevilla
Bar Las Teresas,Sevilla, Pen and Watercolour, 33 X 24 cms

Irish artist Raymund Walsh, Kildare and Sligo

Dividing my time time between County Kildare and County Sligo, I work mainly in pen and watercolour. I am largely self taught and draw my inspiration from streetscapes and old or historic buildings although I have more recently moved towards watercolour landscapes. Retired from my day job, I am reluctant to take on commissions. I exhibit from time to time with the Abbey Art Group in Celbridge.

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