Edge of Eternity
Edge of Eternity, Oils on canvas, 36 x 48 ins
Magical Mystery Tour
Magical Mystery Tour, Oils on Canvas, 24 x 20 ins
Celebration, Acrylics on canvas, 30 x 20 ins
Against the Storm
Against the Storm, mixed media, not given
Breaking Free
Breaking Free, Oils on canvas, 20 x 10 ins
Octopus's Garden
Octopus's Garden, Oils on canvas, 12 x 10 ins
Space Mountain
Space Mountain, oils, 24 x 20 ins
Mermaid Sisters
Mermaid Sisters, oils, 16 x 12 ins
Puffin, 10 x 12 ins, na
Secret Cove
Secret Cove, Oils, 24 x 16 ins
River, acrylics, 16 x 24 ins
Joey, acrylics, 8 x 10 ins

Sandra Clark, Canada and Cork, Canadian Artist

Originally from Canada, I have lived in Wicklow, Leitrim and now, in the beautiful Co. Cork. For most of my life I made my living as a musician/singer, entertaining all over Canada and the USA. I loved my work, however, I always felt that some day I would love to express myself in another way...through colour and form. The problem was, that I didn't believe I had that kind of talent...my sister was the 'artist in the family' and had become very successful after attending art college and going on to create a very well-loved childrens book character. I didn't feel that I could every really paint, although I dreamed about it all the time.

At age 53, I went to college and became a Makeup Artist in Vancouver, and my favourite part of school was "special effects" where I got to really use my imagination to create some pretty far-out pieces of art on human beings. Eventually, I moved to Ireland after meeting my partner. It was here in this majestic and rugged country with it's magical scenery and warm, welcoming people, that I finally found the inspiration and the nerve to paint. And now, I can't stop! I am obsessed! I tuck myself away in my tiny, ancient, stone studio overlooking the wildly beautiful Bantry Bay, and I am in heaven! I don't know if I have developed a style yet...it has only been 11 months since I first picked up a brush...but I guess a style will develop in time. What I do know, is that I will be painting for the rest of my life, and hopefully will bring a little beauty to people's lives.

I am so grateful to my partner (who supports my habit!) and my wonderful family and friends who encourage me to keep going. Also, to Ireland and it's people for making this all possible!