Stephen Flynn Irish artist, Cork

High Hopes At Work
High Hopes At Work, Charcoal and Pastels, 25 x 12 ins
Keith Richards
Keith Richards, Charcoal and Pastels, 15 x 15 ins
Paddy, Pastels, 15 x 15 ins
Between Notes
Between Notes, Charcoal and Pastels, 5 x 5 ins
Pensive, Pastel, 12 x 9 ins
Corina lost in Melody
Corina lost in Melody, Pastel, 19 x 12 ins
People of the World
People of the World, Pastel, 16 x 11 ins
People of the World
People of the World, Pastel, 13 x 10 ins
Selfie, Pastel, 16 x 13 ins
God Bless You
God Bless You, Pastel and charcoal, 22 x 16 ins
A Moment in Time
A Moment in Time, Charcoal, 12 x 8 ins
A Study
A Study, Pastel and charcoal, 20 x 12 ins

Irish artist Stephen Flynn, Cork

Being retired I no longer need chase the dollar, seek recognition, or prove myself. At last I can do what I love and love doing it. All my life I have worked with people, in groups, and one to one. To know a person in depth also requires insight into the humanity of their Soul. So I strive to capture their story written on their face. Call it culture, interaction or whatever! One day I may be privileged to reveal that inner wonderment, that having once seen is never forgotten. So, with this simple test. The above pastel work forms part of an ongoing yearning to capture a little of the beauty of people. The head turner, the unusual, the reminder of interaction between humans never fails to fascinate me.

I like to focus on the common folk, ordinary people who represent facets of us all. I seek that look, that twist of face, that smile which lingers on in the minds eye.

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