Sueann Moore Irish artist, Dublin

Bolands Mill
Bolands Mill, Acrylic on box canvas, 16 x 16 inch
Cernunnos, Acrylic on box canvas, 16 x 16 inch
Dublin Gasometer
Dublin Gasometer, Acrylic on box canvas, 16 x 16 inch
Green Tara
Green Tara, Pastel and ink on paper, 12 X 8 Inch
Huband Bridge
Huband Bridge, Acrylic on box canvas, 16 x 12 inch
Lansdowne Bridge
Lansdowne Bridge, Acrylic on box canvas, 32 x 24 inch
Liffey Gasometer at Dawn
Liffey Gasometer at Dawn, Oil on box canvas, 16 x 20 inch
Madonna and child
Madonna and child, Watercolor and ink on canvas, 12 x 10 inch
Meditation, Acrylic and Ink on box canvas, 8 X 8 Inch
Musical Fairy
Musical Fairy, Inks on paper. (Framed 11 x 16 inch), 8 x 13 inch
Pan(Faun), Acrylic on box canvas, 12 x 16 inch
Pastel Lakeside
Pastel Lakeside, Oil on box canvas, 24 x 32 inch

Irish artist Sueann Moore, Dublin

Born in Ringsend, Dublin, I have lived near the city center all my life. Currently situated near the Science Gallery of Trinity college. I studied art for 2 years for the leaving certificate as a teenager and did well with an A grade. Over time I became distracted by downside of life and while my interest never waned, my artistic endeavors ceased for a long time. Obstacles such as addiction, homeless-ness and mental health problems plagued me and left no room for inspiration.

Aided by the services of Focus Ireland staff, I began to build a new life and got back on track. I taught children art in a couple of primary schools on a C.E. scheme for a number of years and enjoyed every minute of it. Their creativity and enthusiasm reignited my passion for painting and I took up my brush after a long absence. More recently I went to Roslyn Park college and took FETAC Level 5 art in 8 modules and achieved Distinctions in them all.

Acrylics, inks, sketching and oil paints are my main media but I will draw on pretty much any surface if left alone undisturbed for too long, using anything that comes to hand. healing and world cultures and take my inspiration from these subjects mainly. The landscapes and seascapes come sometimes from imagination and others from a photo,a memory or a description gleaned from a conversation.

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