Beyond the Waves
Beyond the Waves, Encaustic, 8 x 6 ins
Floral Meadow
Floral Meadow, Encaustic, 19 x 15 ins
Earth's Magic 2
Earth's Magic 2, Encaustic, 9 x 9 ins
Stary Night
Stary Night, Encaustic, 8 x 6 ins
Heatwave, Encaustic, 8 x 6 ins
Earth's Magic 1
Earth's Magic 1, Encaustic, 8 x 6 ins
Summer Blooms
Summer Blooms, Encaustic, 8 x 6 ins
Water Lillies
Water Lillies, Mixed media, 8 x 6 ins
Magnetic Flame
Magnetic Flame, Mixed media, 8 x 6 ins
Poppy Pods
Poppy Pods, Encaustic, 8 x 6 ins
Floating Blooms
Floating Blooms, Encaustic, 6 x 8 ins
Marshland, Mixed media, 10 x 10 ins

Artist Vera Lysaght, Kildare

My name is Vera Lysaght and I live in Naas, Co Kildare . I have worked as an Art Teacher for several yrs. I work with a range of diverse materials and my latest gallery of work is mainly of abstract form using encaustic (molten wax and pigment) paints. I have exhibited my work Nationally and do some private commissions also. My inspiration comes from the wonderful colours of nature and the countryside. I like painting in abstract form as it challenges the imagination and also adds some mystery to the work .