Gabriel Marques, Archived Artwork

Le Queen,  21cmX29cm
Le Queen, 21cmX29cm, Gabriel Marques
Collorys among waves,  45cmX35cm
Collorys among waves, 45cmX35cm, Gabriel Marques
Underwater,  28cmX42cm
Underwater, 28cmX42cm, Gabriel Marques
Disco Heaven,  20cmX35cm
Disco Heaven, 20cmX35cm, Gabriel Marques
Merman,  21cmX29cm
Merman, 21cmX29cm, Gabriel Marques
Meditation,  21cmX29cm
Meditation, 21cmX29cm, Gabriel Marques
Mother,  40cmX50cm
Mother, 40cmX50cm, Gabriel Marques
Conexion,  20cmX35cm
Conexion, 20cmX35cm, Gabriel Marques
Renato,  60cmX25cm
Renato, 60cmX25cm, Gabriel Marques
Irish Bird Lady,  40cmX50cm
Irish Bird Lady, 40cmX50cm, Gabriel Marques
Disturbia,  28cmX42cm
Disturbia, 28cmX42cm, Gabriel Marques
Tentacles,  60cmX18cm
Tentacles, 60cmX18cm, Gabriel Marques

Gabriel Marques, artist

Images presented in this gallery are from the New Irish Art archives.

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