Luke Kallewaard, Irish artist

moonlight, mixed, 64x64
swamp, mixed, 35x50
the sea
the sea, mixed, 60x50
from strength to strength
from strength to strength, 0il, 100x80
roller, oil, 100x80
beautifull tree
beautifull tree, mixed, 62x102
chinese mackerel
chinese mackerel, mixed, 60x50
what you think ?
what you think ?, mixed, 77x60
purple background
purple background, mixed, 60x50
winter, mixed, 60x50
pink, mixed, 60x50
to see at 4 corners
to see at 4 corners, mixed, 60x50
romance, mixed, 60x50
don't know
don't know, mixed, 60x50
on the beach
on the beach, mixed, 80x60
light in the forest
light in the forest, mixed, 100x60
boat in trouble
boat in trouble, mixed, 80x60
high trees
high trees, mixed, 60x120
walk in forest
walk in forest, mixed, 100x60
mountansea, mixed, 100x80
swamp 3
swamp 3, mixed, 120x80
towards bear island
towards bear island, oil, 100x60
rocky rock
rocky rock, na, na

Luke Kallewaard, Irish artist

Images presented in this gallery are from the New Irish Art archives.

Artwork goes into our archives when the artist has not updated in a reasonable period of time or if the images are not of a sufficient size to present in a current gallery

The New Irish Art Project encourages all artists to refresh and add to the artwork on show and by contacting us, any artist may request that their artwork be put back into the current gallery section

Refreshing and updating your gallery from archive is as simple as sending us a note, we will forward instructions and we are always delighted to see new artwork coming in.

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