Art 'Vascular Vision'
'Vascular Vision', fluorescent acrylics, 40 x 51 cm | Adam McEwan
Art 'Iridule'
'Iridule', acrylics, 51 x 71 cm | Adam McEwan

Adam McEwan

Adam's style is abstract psychedelic. His influences are science fiction and shamanism....
Art 'View Over Balloo from Ballymuldrogh, Islandmagee, County Antrim'
'View Over Balloo from Ballymuldrogh, Islandmagee, County Antrim', Oil and acrylic on canvas board, 5 x 7 inches | Laura Butler
Art 'Cloghfin Port from the Port Road, Islandmagee, County Antrim'
'Cloghfin Port from the Port Road, Islandmagee, County Antrim', Oil and acrylic on canvas board, 5 x 7 inches | Laura Butler

Laura Butler

I am particularly drawn to images where the presence of people, the mark they make on the landscape over time can be felt and I try to depict this in...
Art 'Cliffs of Moher'
'Cliffs of Moher', acrylic, 12 x 16 inches | Jessica Perkins
Art 'Forgotten Past'
'Forgotten Past', acrylic, 12 x 12 inches | Jessica Perkins

Jessica Perkins

My passion for art was first ignited as a child being daughter to a portraiture artist. My father also taught me how to use pastel, a medium I love due to its v...
Art 'Skimming Stones'
'Skimming Stones', golden open acrylic, 70cm x 100cm | Fran Halpin
Art 'At The Waters Edge'
'At The Waters Edge', golden open acrylic, 60 x 80 cm | Fran Halpin

Fran Halpin

these authentic representations ask the viewer to pause, step into a calm space and reconnect with childhood memories. Halpin's intention is to create a sensori...
Art 'Wildflower Field Towards Martello Tower at Drumanagh, Loughshinny'
'Wildflower Field Towards Martello Tower at Drumanagh, Loughshinny', Acrylic on board, 41 x 51 cms | Eileen Keelan
Art 'Wildflowers on a Dull Day with Lambay Island in the Distance'
'Wildflowers on a Dull Day with Lambay Island in the Distance', Acrylic on canvas, 38 x 28 cms | Eileen Keelan

Eileen Keelan

I love the elements, textures and colours that make up my surroundings and it is what uplifts and motivates me to capture its essence in both representational a...
Art 'Evening at Curracloe'
'Evening at Curracloe', oil on canvas, 46 x 60 cms | Bettina Norton
Art 'Moonlit Comeraghs'
'Moonlit Comeraghs', oil on canvas, 24 x 30 cms | Bettina Norton

Bettina Norton

I paint outdoor oil studies en plien air when possible which are then the basis for larger studio pieces. My main medium is oil but I also do quick watercolor s...
Art 'Sister Earth'
'Sister Earth', Clay, 12 x 4 inches | Susan Herre
Art 'Northern California Trees'
'Northern California Trees', Clay, 12 x 6 inches | Susan Herre

Susan Herre

an architect and urban planner working on higher-speed intercity passenger projects across the U.S....
Art 'Opium Elixir of Breath 1'
'Opium Elixir of Breath 1', multiple, 24 x 15 inches | Siobhan Dempsey
Art 'Blue Fluid'
'Blue Fluid', multiple, 15 x 24 inches | Siobhan Dempsey

Siobhan Dempsey

creation is at the art of everything. Me making my way through with prescience and essential singularity, servant of the universe no more no less. the end....
Art 'untitled'
'untitled', pencil on paper, A3 | Patricia Gurgel-Segrillo
Art 'untitled'
'untitled', pencil on paper, A2 | Patricia Gurgel-Segrillo

Patricia Gurgel-Segrillo

In my native Brazil, in London and San Francisco, I have trained and worked in a diverse range of disciplines, through oil painting, silk-screen print...
Art 'Lower House'
'Lower House', Oil, 8 x 8 ins | Marguerite Heilman
Art 'Culdaff'
'Culdaff', Oil, 24 x 30 cm | Marguerite Heilman

Marguerite Heilman

Marguerite has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History and studies painting at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia. She exhibits her work...
Art 'Lazy Daze'
'Lazy Daze', Acrylics on canvas, 590 x 350 mm | Jason Yourell
Art 'Samuel Beckett Bridge'
'Samuel Beckett Bridge', Acrylics on canvas, 297 x 410 mm (A3 Size) | Jason Yourell

Jason Yourell

I have been an art teacher, worked in TV and film, animation and design. Everything I do in my professional life stems from a place of artistic fascination and ...
Art 'Soaring in, aquatint'
'Soaring in, aquatint', soap ground etching on zinc, 30 x 40 cm | Corinna Schroeder-vFrihling
Art 'Gliding'
'Gliding', aquatint etching on zinc, 15 x 20 cm | Corinna Schroeder-vFrihling

Corinna Schroeder-vFrihling

Growing up in a visual artist's home I started painting as a toddler and made my first etching at the age of 9. After studies in ceramics graphics and...