Art 'The Lighthouse'
'The Lighthouse', oil on canvas, 40 x 40 cm | Karolina Sulkowska
Art 'With My Best Friend'
'With My Best Friend', graphite on paper, 35 x 30 cm | Karolina Sulkowska

Artist: Karolina Sulkowska

She specialises in a portraits of people. Her favourite medium is oil and graphite, the best medium for painting finest details, which are an esential part of h...
Art 'Stillwater'
'Stillwater', Acrylic on canvas, 24 x 36 inches | Bobby Bernhardt
Art 'Deep Purple'
'Deep Purple', Acrylic on canvas, 12 x 18 inches | Bobby Bernhardt

Artist: Bobby Bernhardt

Bobby is an award winning photographer and painter. Bobby is a baseball fanatic (click MrBaseball below). Bobby loves to write, recently completing an......
Art 'Recumbent Figure'
'Recumbent Figure', oil on canvas, 42 x 63 inches | Alan Wallace
Art 'Lucy With Flowers'
'Lucy With Flowers', oil on canvas board, 51 diameters | Alan Wallace

Artist: Alan Wallace

Irish Nude Figure Artist Alan Wallace has been producing fine Irish Art for over 50 years. He works primarily in oil paint, but also uses a range of other mediu...
Art 'DragonLady 2'
'DragonLady 2', Acrylic on Canvas, 20 x 30 inches | Paddy Bullman
Art 'Viking Landing'
'Viking Landing', Acrylic on wood, 32 x 48 inches | Paddy Bullman
Art 'Final Furlong'
'Final Furlong', Oil on canvas framed, 24 x 20 inches | Kevin Morrissey
Art 'Rock of Cashel'
'Rock of Cashel', Oil on canvas, 31 x23 | Kevin Morrissey

Artist: Kevin Morrissey

I paint mostly with Oils and Acrylics, but also dabble in watercolours every now and then I mostly paint landscapes and seascapes....
Art 'Brian L'
'Brian L', oil on canvas, 200 x 110 cm | Terry O'Brien
Art 'Mick and Jack'
'Mick and Jack', acrylic on canvas, 101 x 76 cm | Terry O'Brien

Artist: Terry O'Brien

Studied Fine Art in The Crawford College of Art and Design in Cork through print making and photography, resulting in a BaHons in 2006....
Art 'Hereford Cattle'
'Hereford Cattle', Oil on Canvas, 40 x 40 cm | Samuele Scomparin
Art 'Howth Seagull'
'Howth Seagull', Oil on Canvas, 30 x 30 cm | Samuele Scomparin

Artist: Samuele Scomparin

After achieving a PhD in Law I moved to Ireland and I made Dublin my home. I get inspired by the beautiful Irish countryside, by farm animals and landscapes....
Art 'King Johns Castle at Night'
'King Johns Castle at Night', Oil on Canvas, 30 x 24 inches | Maura O'Neill
Art 'Snow Capped Reeks'
'Snow Capped Reeks', Oil on Canvas, 12 x 16 inches | Maura O'Neill

Artist: Maura O'Neill

I concentrate mainly on vibrant landscapes, mostly of the beautiful Kerry coastline, and am part of Art Limerick, a very active group of like minded artists fro...
Art 'Larch In Wicklow'
'Larch In Wicklow', oil on canvas, 50 x 70 cm | Kasia Jones
Art 'Black Gelding'
'Black Gelding', oil on canvas, 30 x 40 cm | Kasia Jones

Artist: Kasia Jones

When I look at trees, I don't just see them with my eyes - I feel them with my heart. I have the urge to touch their bumpy bark to connect with them, to try and...
Art 'Fanad Lighthouse, Donegal, Watercolour on board'
'Fanad Lighthouse, Donegal, Watercolour on board', cold pressed, 72 x 44 cms | John Cooney
Art 'Carnlough, Antrim Coast, Watercolour on board'
'Carnlough, Antrim Coast, Watercolour on board', cold pressed, 68 x 46 cms | John Cooney

Artist: John Cooney

I paint the people of Ireland. I am interested in real people and their surroundings. These faces are part of the landscape, they are it's wealth and it's chara...
Art 'Cliff Drop'
'Cliff Drop', Encaustic painting, 40 x 40 cm | Isabelle Gaborit
Art 'Hidden'
'Hidden', Encaustic painting, 40 x 40 cm | Isabelle Gaborit

Artist: Isabelle Gaborit

In my recent body of work, I have been compelled to explore the primal theme of light embedded in my connection to the ever changing landscape....
Art 'Wild Iris Achill Island'
'Wild Iris Achill Island', Acrylic, 290 x 205 mm | Ian Delaney
Art 'Wild Atlantic'
'Wild Atlantic', Acrylic, 290 x 205 mm | Ian Delaney

Artist: Ian Delaney

Having enjoyed just being back amongst my paints and brushes again my wife encouraged me to show my paintings to others so I plucked up the courage to exhibit o...

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