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Burren National Pk,again,oil pastels
Burren National Pk,again,oil pastels, pencil, A2
THOMAS ST,DUBLIN,oil pastels
THOMAS ST,DUBLIN,oil pastels, pencils, 470 x 710 mm
Brian MacGabhannI was born in Dublin and have been drawing on and off for many years most of these drawings have been finished in the last 2 years.
Purple, Oil on board, 40 x 60 cm
Detatched, na, na
Zita McGarryI create a dense and richly textured surface by manipulating materials (polyfiller/gel) through etching, carving and lively brushwork. These elements combine with colour washes and muted tones to create a striking balance between abstract expression and control.
Swim Hats Must Be Worn
Swim Hats Must Be Worn, Acrylic, 40 x 30 cm
Crash, Acrylic, 40 x 30 cm
Tom HerdmanI strive to perfect on how one incorporates the subtleties, colour and movement of water into a still artwork. I do not define myself by any particular style or era but put simply, I paint what I enjoy painting
Fanad Head,Co Donegal
Fanad Head,Co Donegal, Oil on canvas, 7 x 9 inches
Iora (Red Squirrel)
Iora (Red Squirrel), Oil on canvas, 16 x 20 inches
Micheal Gallaghermy art explores the nature, landscape, history and people of Ireland. I am a self-taught artist, and I continue to develop and adapt my techniques.
Night, Acrylic framed, 48 x 43 cm
Cherries, Acrylic framed, 46 x 40 cm
Mary KavanaghI have been President of the Glenageary Art Group and more recently of the Dublin Art Society enjoying many years organising and taking part in Group Exhibitions.
The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil (Eden again 2030)
The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil (Eden again 2030), Oil on board, 120 x 60 cm
The Final Drip of Broken Liberty (oil on board 96cm x 57cm)
The Final Drip of Broken Liberty (oil on board 96cm x 57cm), oil on board, 96 x 57 cm
Gary McMullanI am a human being living on planet Earth enslaved by the tyranny of the blood lined gods. I express my last freedoms through my imagination.
Red Dress
Red Dress, Oil on Panel, 80 x 60 cm
Eagle in Red Dress
Eagle in Red Dress, Oil on Panel, 80 x 60 cm
Ben PatemanTried for years to make a living out of art, animation, tattooing, teaching children, graffiti workshops for young people, illustrations, commissions but it never worked out for me. I work in healthcare now and paint as a hobby, which is a balance I enjoy.
I will protect you,Bronze on Bog Oak,H23cm
I will protect you,Bronze on Bog Oak,H23cm, L32cm, W16cm
Wisdom of the Oak
Wisdom of the Oak, Bronze on Bog Oak, H36cm W18cm L19cm
Ani MollereauThrough my sculpture I free my Spirit that is within and tell my story but I also want the viewer to be inspired to see their story too that is my motivation to create.
Biddys of Barnes
Biddys of Barnes, Acrylic, 12 x 16 inches
Shire Horse
Shire Horse, Acrylic on streached canvas, 12 x 16 inches
Roberta RoperMy inspiration is the Irish landscape, and my love of nature, birds and animals. I have over the years exhibited my work in various locations from Buncrana to City hall in Cork and locations in between.
Pray, Canvas Print, 100 x 100 cm
Your Grace
Your Grace, Canvas Print, 100 x 100 cm
Deirdre GrovesAbstract portraits, contemporary, original art, fine art prints
Enchanted City
Enchanted City, Oil on a 11 x 14 White Gesso Board Unframed, 8 x 11 inches
Evening Beauty
Evening Beauty, Oil Painting Framed, 8 x 10 inches
Carol Ann WaldronOriginally working in pencil, she quickly moved to acrylic, pastel, watercolour and eventually to oil - which remains her primary medium.
Coronavirus (headache)
Coronavirus (headache), acrylic on board, 8 x 10 inches
Coronavirus (coughing)
Coronavirus (coughing), acrylic on board, 8 x 10 inches
Tom HogartyAs the founder of The New Irish Art project I thought I might share how I have used art during these challenging times.

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