Art 'Jumping Owl Pub'
'Jumping Owl Pub', oil on canvas, 13 x 18 cm | Shashi Martynova
Art 'Secret Sea Park'
'Secret Sea Park', oil on canvas, 13 x 18 cm | Shashi Martynova

Shashi Martynova

In 2017, she held her first small individual show, The Land of Something Else, in Moscow, and this show was entirely focused on all things Irish....
Art 'Hen Night'
'Hen Night', acrylic on canvas, 36 x 24 inches | Pat Tracey
Art 'Lost'
'Lost', acrylic on canvas, 40 x 30 inches | Pat Tracey

Pat Tracey

Pat's paintings are primarily figurative, and range from simple portraiture to intricate narratives. Often using humour, he depicts scenes using social, psychol...
Art 'Icy Road Ballybetagh Co. Dublin'
'Icy Road Ballybetagh Co. Dublin', watercolor, 14 x 10 inches | Nick Fegan
Art 'Lobster Boat West Pier, Dun Laoghaire'
'Lobster Boat West Pier, Dun Laoghaire', watercolor, 14 x 10 inches | Nick Fegan

Nick Fegan

My primary objective is to capture all my subjects outdoors - 'plein-air'. It's a difficult way to paint, however, this gives you two things...
Art 'Going Home From Dollymount'
'Going Home From Dollymount', Watercolour and Ink, 8 x 6 inches | Michael Clancy
Art 'Tidal Motion'
'Tidal Motion', Watercolour, 8 x 6 inches | Michael Clancy

Michael Clancy

Dublin City and its skyline intrigue him and he is a constant cloud watcher. Michael worked as a cameraman and a photographer before taking up the easels and pa...
Art 'Kohlrabi'
'Kohlrabi', Oils, 50 x 60 cms | Madeleine Fadden
Art 'Landscape NZ'
'Landscape NZ', Oils, 70 x 100 cms | Madeleine Fadden

Madeleine Fadden

Sometimes I focus on landscape especially when I travel or hill walk. Often it's the flowers and vegetables I grow that inspire me. I typically work in oils but...
Art 'Vide Cor Meum'
'Vide Cor Meum', Acrylic on canvas, 50 x 50 cm | Jaanika Talts
Art 'Ablaze'
'Ablaze', Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 30 cm | Jaanika Talts

Jaanika Talts

I'm not able to put it into words how much I love colours! Colours are everywhere. We all use the power of colours daily, often unconsciously. For me, colours b...
Art 'Summercove, Kinsale'
'Summercove, Kinsale', Acrylic, 46 x 56 cms | Helen Condon
Art 'Times Square'
'Times Square', Acrylic, 76 x 61 cms | Helen Condon

Helen Condon

I never imagined I would be able to dedicate some of my time to art. However my kids are now teenagers and this gave me the opportunity to actively pursue my lo...
Art 'Nosey Cow'
'Nosey Cow', Oil, 20 x 24 inches | Angel Solecki Arnold
Art 'Limousine Cow'
'Limousine Cow', Oil, 20 x 24 inches | Angel Solecki Arnold

Angel Solecki Arnold

Her happiest place is always in front of a canvas giving each of her portraits unique character, flair and personality. When not painting she also teaches art t...
Art 'Howth Lighthouse'
'Howth Lighthouse', oil, 28 x 20 ins | Alan Somers
Art 'Howth Harbour - Moonlight 3'
'Howth Harbour - Moonlight 3', oil, 35 x 24 ins | Alan Somers

Alan Somers

Light and shadow take centre stage, playing on your senses to deliver a city different from the everyday experience; peeling back the modern fa├žade to show wha...
Art 'At Slurp Two Tis'
'At Slurp Two Tis', Ink on watercolour paper, 8 x 11 inches | TisArt
Art 'Tis Jazz Blues'
'Tis Jazz Blues', Ink on watercolour paper, 8 x 11 inches | TisArt


I am descended from a tribe of Celts who ventured out upon the wild North Atlantic Ocean in currachs (native canoes). TIS is based on our Siamese kitten Twiggy ...
Art 'Errigal'
'Errigal', Acrylic, 5 x 7 ins | Stephen T Shaw
Art 'Windy Beach'
'Windy Beach', Acrylic, 8 x 6 ins | Stephen T Shaw

Stephen T Shaw

Most of my work is inspired by the surrounding landscapes of places I know well in Derry, Donegal and Dublin. I enjoy juggling a professional career in graphic ...
Art 'Room With A View'
'Room With A View', oil on canvas, 100 x 70 cm | Paul McCabe
Art 'No Right Turn'
'No Right Turn', oil on canvas, 80 x 50 cm | Paul McCabe

Paul McCabe

While his initial choice of subject matter mainly focused on the Irish landscape in recent years he has concentrated on Cityscapes, in particular on his native ...