Art 'Nature's Child'
'Nature's Child', Oil on Canvas, 80 x 60 cm | Ludmila Korol
Art 'Music Lover'
'Music Lover', Oil on Canvas, 100 x 70 cm | Ludmila Korol

Artist: Ludmila Korol

All of my paintings are a result of my emotional involvement and personal observations of the surrounding world, the people I’ve met, and the countries I have...
Art 'Glaslaun'
'Glaslaun', Oil on canvas, 12 x 12 ins | Deirdre McAvinchey
Art 'Cloigin Gorm'
'Cloigin Gorm', Oil on canvas, 10 x 12 ins | Deirdre McAvinchey

Artist: Deirdre McAvinchey

The inspiration for my paintings comes from the landscape of Connemara, where I live. I work in oils at present....
Art 'Street Festival VIII - Blue Building'
'Street Festival VIII - Blue Building', oil on canvas, 70 x 50 cm (Framed | Orla Clancy
Art 'Street Festival VII – Face Hand Light Dance'
'Street Festival VII – Face Hand Light Dance', oil on canvas, 70 x 50 cm (Framed | Orla Clancy

Artist: Orla Clancy

I have drawn and painted since early childhood, and was greatly influenced by songs and stories all my life, as my parents were both avid readers. I also studie...
Art 'Skellig'
'Skellig', Acrylic on Canvas, 30 x 40 ins | Martine Murphy
Art 'Cat and Conch'
'Cat and Conch', Acrylic on Canvas, 20 x 24 ins | Martine Murphy

Artist: Martine Murphy

I paint in a variety of mediums. My main subject inspirations are the things that speak to me personally and evoke emotion, whether it is a sunset warming rocks...
Art 'Evening Reflections Dublin'
'Evening Reflections Dublin', Oil on canvas, 70 x 70 x 2 cms | Kirstin McCoy
Art 'Sunset Reflections'
'Sunset Reflections', Oil on Canvas, 70 x 50 x 2 cms | Kirstin McCoy

Artist: Kirstin McCoy

Kirstin McCoy is a popular Artist who exhibits nationally and internationally. Her Art is bought by collectors worldwide....
Art 'Waves At Creevy 2'
'Waves At Creevy 2', Oil on Hessian, 700 x 700 mm | Kevin Lowery
Art 'Prowlers'
'Prowlers', Oil on Canvas, 1000 x 1000 mm | Kevin Lowery

Artist: Kevin Lowery

a seascape devoted painter living and working in the North-West of Ireland. Living by the sea all his life has inspired Kevin to paint the rolling surf, mercile...
Art 'Tall Girl Carousel Horse, Mixed media'
'Tall Girl Carousel Horse, Mixed media', 23 carat gold embellishment and oils on polished black granite base, H56 x W47 x D26 cm | Helen Merrigan Colfer
Art 'Daisy Chain'
'Daisy Chain', Mixed media with 23 carat gold leaf and oils on black granite base, H50 x W21 x D18 cm | Helen Merrigan Colfer

Artist: Helen Merrigan Colfer

Helen is an Irish artist, living and working from her studio in her home at the tip of the Hook Head Peninsula in County Wexford, Ireland. While Helen has been...
Art 'Somewhere in Ireland'
'Somewhere in Ireland', acrylic on canvas, 65 x 90 cm | Elwira Bernaciak
Art 'Dublin Bay Kaliedoscope'
'Dublin Bay Kaliedoscope', acrylic, 30 x 40 cm | Elwira Bernaciak

Artist: Elwira Bernaciak

Artist with passion Art comes from the heart, thought, eyes and guides the hand of the artist I am in constant search of new fulfilling projects. I love sharing...
Art 'Follow Me'
'Follow Me', Oil on canvas, 20 x 30 inches | Trisha Slowey
Art 'Into the Unknown'
'Into the Unknown', Oil on canvas, 30 x 40 inches | Trisha Slowey

Artist: Trisha Slowey

A graduate of The National College of Art and Design, she specialises in oil paintings and all of her paintings are one off originals. Trisha would describe her...
Art 'The Lone Tree and The Sugarloaf'
'The Lone Tree and The Sugarloaf', oil on canvas, 60 x 80 cm | Niki Purcell
Art 'Autumn Fields'
'Autumn Fields', oil on Board, 28 x 28 cm | Niki Purcell

Artist: Niki Purcell

In each work I attempt to capture the transformation of an ordinary scene caused by the presence of the elemental powers - light, wind and the earth, to articul...
Art 'The Yellow Suit, Pen'
'The Yellow Suit, Pen', watercolours and pastels, A4 | Karen Hickey
Art 'The Clothes Maketh the Man'
'The Clothes Maketh the Man', marker pens, 15 x 20 cm | Karen Hickey

Artist: Karen Hickey

Karen has a passion for painting and drawing from life. Since 2006 she has attended many life drawing and portrait classes, still life and art workshops....
Art 'Ballsbridge'
'Ballsbridge', Acrylic, 16 x 12 ins | Micasso
Art 'Tranquility'
'Tranquility', Acrylic, 12 x 10 ins | Micasso

Artist: Micasso

a semi-retired farmer living in Kildare. He has only taken up painting in his latter years. We all need and like a challenge and painting is certainly a challe...

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