Art 'White Tea Pot'
'White Tea Pot', oil on canvas board, 8 x 8 inches | Ray Tsang
Art 'Pink Flowers'
'Pink Flowers', oil on canvas board, 8 x 8 inches | Ray Tsang

Ray Tsang

He attended Crawford college of Art and Design where he received an Honors Degree in Painting. He is influenced mostly by Bravura, Impressionistic and realistic...
Art 'Interlocking In Stone'
'Interlocking In Stone', Acrylics On Canvas, 70 x 50 cm | Orla Cahill
Art 'Stone Interlacing'
'Stone Interlacing', Acrylics On Canvas, 70 x 50 cm | Orla Cahill

Orla Cahill

originally from Galway is a County Kildare based artist and designer. She works in a variety of media but mainly in acrylics and oils....
Art 'The Red Field'
'The Red Field', acrylic on paper, not given | Katherine Griffiths
Art 'The Red Barn'
'The Red Barn', acrylic on paper, not given | Katherine Griffiths

Katherine Griffiths

Drawing inspiration from the beautiful, wild and sometimes harsh landscapes of West Cork, she strives to convey within each painting the deep emotional connecti...
Art 'The Launderers'
'The Launderers', Oil, 18 x 14 ins | Jacinta Crowley-Long
Art 'The First Drink'
'The First Drink', Oil, 16 x 20 ins | Jacinta Crowley-Long

Jacinta Crowley-Long

Living surrounded by her animals on the Wicklow Wexford border, Jacinta has a deserved reputation as one of Ireland's foremost contemporary canine and equestria...
Art 'Padraigh Pearse'
'Padraigh Pearse', Wax and ink limited edition print, 150 x 200 mm | Tony Clarke
Art 'Dev'
'Dev', Wax and ink limited edition print, 150 x 200 mm | Tony Clarke

Tony Clarke

Multidisciplinary Artist from Bray Ireland working in the mediums of Painting, Drawing, Print, Sculpture, Mixed Media, Installations, Fashion Design, Teacher an...
Art 'Sophia's dream'
'Sophia's dream', porcelain, 25 x 28 x 18 cm | Siuban Regan
Art 'Deepest Thought'
'Deepest Thought', Acrylic on canvas, 60 x 40 cm | Siuban Regan

Siuban Regan

The art I create is figurative and narrative paintings, for me, a way of making sense of the complexities of human nature, society, culture and folklore....
Art 'Aramanthine Hare'
'Aramanthine Hare', Acrylic, 25 x 25 cm | Sarah Majury
Art 'Lonesome Bay'
'Lonesome Bay', Acrylic, 42 x 42 cm | Sarah Majury

Sarah Majury

I love building up layers and creating texture. My recent work is mainly of wildlife, I have a particular obsession with the Irish hare and their sometimes elus...
Art 'Bog Pool on Knock Road'
'Bog Pool on Knock Road', Oil On Canvas, 50 x 61 cm | Paul Rose
Art 'Blanket Bog'
'Blanket Bog', Oil On Linen, 120 x 150 cm | Paul Rose

Paul Rose

My work consists of Abstract, Semi Abstract, and Still Life. Studied BA Art and Design at the Mayo Institute of Technology, Castlebar, Ireland....
Art 'The Flaggy Shore, New Quay, Co Clare'
'The Flaggy Shore, New Quay, Co Clare', Oil on Canvas, 25 x 35 cm | Patricia Kavanagh
Art 'The Cliffs, from Doolin'
'The Cliffs, from Doolin', Oil on Canvas, 45 x 60 cm | Patricia Kavanagh

Patricia Kavanagh

Patricia Kavanagh is a landscape artist, painting nature in her own naturalistic style using oils as her preferred medium. Growing up on the shores of...
Art 'Grand Evening in the Black Valley'
'Grand Evening in the Black Valley', Oil on Paper, 23 x 23 cm (unframed) | Micheal O'Muirthile
Art 'The Gap of Dunloe'
'The Gap of Dunloe', Oil on Paper, 23 x 23 cm (unframed) | Micheal O'Muirthile

Micheal O'Muirthile

a national prize-winning artist from Ireland whose forte includes equine art, landscape and portraiture paintings and drawings. His work is in private collectio...
Art 'Internal World 12'
'Internal World 12', Oil on canvas, 70 x 90 cm | Martina Furlong
Art 'Internal World 13'
'Internal World 13', Oil on canvas, 90 x 70 cm | Martina Furlong

Martina Furlong

The ideas for my paintings come from various sources; buildings, books, songs, people and nature. In my paintings I want to transform reality, mix it with memor...
Art 'Pears and Jug'
'Pears and Jug', oil paint, 40 x 30 cm | Marie McKay
Art 'Lucy'
'Lucy', pastel pencils, 45 x 32 cm | Marie McKay

Marie McKay

Most of my work are acrylic on slate. The slate is from a 200 yr old cottage from Co. Wicklow. A couple of the slate painting are my efforts of trying...